At first, when you listen to words like ” cancer “, ” terminal “, “incurable ” you submerge yourself in a state of stupor, sadness, and fear beyond description. You are covered by fear because these words accompany the inevitability of death. As time goes by, second to second, day by day, you start to realize that in this life there is nothing alive that is not terminal. The impermanence surrounds us. Then the perfume of the flower, the smile of those around you and the thankfulness to this morning that woke you up and found you alive becomes wonderful. Of course I wish mightily more days on earth, I ask time to see my daughters grow and raise them into adulthood, I ask time to be able to make the difference I like to think I came into the world to make towards a more connected world in times of network connections but disconnection of beings, I ask to see more sunsets, more seas, more mountains, more moons. Being harassed by death I feel more alive, more grateful, more complete. And I remember in every second of my existence that nothing is permanent.

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